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Hitendra Shakya

Former Managing Director, NEA

Hitendra Dev Shakya has worked for more than 33 years in Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) and in its subsidiary companies as well as in other government entities.

From Nov 2020 till Aug 2021, he worked as the Managing Director of Nepal Electricity Authority.


During his tenure, NEA completed and operated the first ever 400kV substation of Nepal in Dhalkebar, the first ever transmission line operated at 220kV in Nepal from Dana to Kusma, and the largest power plant till date in Nepal Upper Tamakoshi hydropower plant (456 MW), these being some of the milestones for NEA during his short tenure. Although deputed to Water and Energy Commission as the Expert Member, Secretary class, he is now presently working as freelance Expert in the private sector.


From 2017 till Nov 2020, he worked for 3 years as the founding Managing Director of NEA Engineering Company which became successful during the nascent period itself in undertaking more than 4,000 MW of large hydropower projects’ design and High Voltage transmission lines’ design and established the company as the leading consulting company in the country within this short period.


Inside NEA, he worked as director of Power Trade Department, System Planning Department, Large Power Plants Department for more than 3 year. As a member of the working group, he finalized the National Transmission System Master Plan of NEA in 2015, and Cross-Border Interconnection Plan between India and Nepal in 2016 and as the leader of the team, he prepared the Master plan for Distributed generation and access for all to grid electricity in 2017 (SUDIGGA) working for the National Planning Commission.

While working as power sector Specialist in 2015 in Office of Millennium Challenge Nepal (OMCN), he prepared the Power Sector Concept note and the transmission line project that was subsequently selected. For short stints in 2009 and 2010, he also worked abroad as Consultant Team Leader in Afghanistan’s electricity utility DABS.  

He had designed the electrical systems of the first Nepalese designed power plant Chilime in 2000, and later designed electrical systems for Upper Sanjen and Middle Bhoteksohi power projects in 2006. Earlier he worked as specialist for NEA in different areas of expertise such as automation system, SCADA system and protection system and generator excitation of power plants and power line carrier communications.    

He has served as Board Member of Chilime hydro power company, Khumbu Bijuli company and Chairman of Middle Bhotekoshi Power company in 2014.  

Passionately active in identifying and promoting innovative and indigenous technologies for Nepal, he served as member of Electric Vehicle national policy drafting committee in 2013, expert of Mini-grid interconnection studies, and EV charging multiplex as well as indigenous floating solar plant designs. He is doing research in Electricity market design and Cross-border power trade and more recently, he is working on his innovations in Transformer and Electrical Trucks with National Invention Center (Rastriya Aviskar Kendra).  

He is the executive secretary of Society of Electrical Engineers Nepal (SEEN) and executive member of Norway Nepal Alumni Association (NNAA).  

He is a Trustee of Nepal Vipassana Kendra, Dhyanashringa, Budhhanilkantha.


Hitendra Shakya
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