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Dr Ram Prasad Dhital

Technical Auditor, Previously ERC

Dr Dhital is a seasoned Electricity Regulatory and Renewable Energy Professional, Technical Auditor, APMG Certified PPP Professional, and Professional Engineer with over 20 years' of experience in electricity regulation and renewable energy development.

He has been partly associated with Asian Development Bank for their energy projects and institutions on electricity policies and regulatory issues. He also took the lead in developing the transmission pricing and open access guidelines and regulations for Electricity Regulatory Commission through FCDO-supported and PwC-implemented Financial Sector Stability Program.

Dr Dhital has been involved in different aspects of electricity and renewable energy projects including planning, implementation, monitoring, regulation, capacity building, and resource mobilization for making the electricity and energy sector sustainable. During his two and half years of service (May 2019-Dec 2021) as a member responsible for regulatory and external affairs in the newly formed Electricity Regulatory Commission in Nepal, he worked to institutionalize the Commission by taking lead in developing and implementing key regulatory instruments such as conduction of business rule, PPA and consumer tariff directives, ERC organization and management, administration and financial and internal control directives. Previously he served as the Executive Director of Alternative Energy Promotion Center for a full term four years (2014-2018) under the ministry of energy, water resources, and irrigation overseeing operations, strategic and technical initiatives in Nepal. His experience as the Energy Advisor in the international arena under UNDP Afghanistan and AusAID Vanuatu (Ministry of Rural and Rehabilitation Development & UNDP in Afghanistan and AusAID supported Vanuatu Energy for Rural Development Program under the ministry of lands and natural resources in Vanuatu) has boosted his knowledge and competencies in the energy sector.

Dr Dhital has been able to utilize this learning at the national level by institutionalizing central renewable energy funds, mobilizing resources (annually USD 55 million) to realize the Nepal government’s target of clean cooking and lighting solution to all by 2022, and acting as the focal person representing Nepal in international platforms, coordinating and leading a team of 200 professionals, liaising between government agencies, development partners, private sector and civil societies.  He holds a Master’s and Ph.D. in Renewable Energy Engineering and can offer technical, advisory, and project management services in electricity regulation, and energy sector development.

Dr Ram Prasad Dhital
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