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What GRIPS Does

Integrating Smart Batteries and Solar

A self-sustaining power supply that integrates solar, smart batteries and grid

Economical Power Switching 

Automated power switching that results in uninterrupted and cheaper electricity

Maintaining Grid Resilience

Stabilises grid electricity by providing a reliable energy flow during outages

Driving an Inclusive Energy Transition

Suggests Gender Equity and Social Inclusion (GESI)-sensitive policy reforms

Image by Sagar Bhujel
  • GRIPS system combines grid power and renewable generation, eliminating the need for diesel.

  • Features a self-islanding switch that isolates the site during power outages.

  • HiT inverter guarantees stable, high-quality power within the grid.

  • Swanbarton® OPTIMISE, an Energy Management System, maximises efficiency and resilience.

Project Goals

Project Goals

The project has 5 main goals. These goals are all designed to work with the energy industry in Nepal, enabling domestic growth through the adoption of clean tech


Smart Storage

Our system will:

  • Optimise the use of solar and low-cost night-rate grid energy

  • Reduce imports of high-carbon electricity from India

  • Increase energy security in Nepal


Develop Responsive
PV & Storage

Our system will Seamlessly switch to island mode during grid outages.

By using a battery and grid-forming inverter, we will be able to avoid using diesel generation


Highlight a Business Case

This project will demonstrate how network-edge energy storage and renewable generation can reduce the cost of power in Nepal.


Advance Gender Equality and Social Inclusion

We want to make the energy transition work for everyone equally. This is why we are so focused on GESI goals. 

From equal employment opportunities to GESI-sensitive policy recommendations, this goal is at the heart of everything we do


Enable Policy Change

We want to make energy storage more viable in Nepal. Therefore, a key aim of this project is to demonstrate the benefits of our technology to policy stakeholders.

Project Partners

The project is made up of a fantastic team from both the UK and Nepal. The combination of the skills means we will be able to push forward both our technical and social agendas.

Swanbarton Ltd

Project Lead & EMS Development

Gham Power

Local Energy Partner

HiT Power Ltd

Inverter & Auto-Islanding Development

Scene Connect

Energy Network Monitoring

Practical Action Consulting

GESI Research and Social Advancement

External Partners

External Partners

We have gathered a team of external advisors to join the GRIPS Project. These advisors all either hold or have recently held senior positions within the Nepalise energy industry. Their insight will help us to make meaninful change to the Nepali energy industry.

Sagar Raj Goutam

Sagar Raj Goutam

Senior Divisional Engineer, Investment Board Nepal

Dr. Laxman Prasad Ghimire

Dr. Laxman Prasad Ghimire

Head of Solar Energy, Alternative Energy Promotion Center (AEPC)

Abhishek Adhikary

Abhishek Adhikary

Project Manager, Nepal Electricity Authority

Hitendra Shakya

Hitendra Shakya

Former Managing Director, NEA

Dr Ram Prasad Dhital

Dr Ram Prasad Dhital

Technical Auditor, Previously ERC

Project Sponsors

This project has been made possible by support from:

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Contact Us



Shah Villa, Chun Devi Marg 292, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal


United Kingdom


The Dairy Farm, Pinkney, Malmesbury SN16 0NX


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